At 001, we don't just follow values—we pioneer them. The RESPECT framework is our proprietary approach to embodying the ideals that define and drive us.

Our Ethos: Cultivating Excellence through the RESPECT Framework.


Radical Transparency and Communication

R stands for Radical Transparency and Communication. We champion open, honest dialogue and believe that transparency is the cornerstone of trust and effective collaboration.

Empathy and Flexibility

E represents Empathy and Flexibility. We strive to understand and respect different perspectives and circumstances, valuing human connections and promoting a supportive work environment.


S signifies Simplify. Our approach is to cut through complexity, making processes straightforward and efficient, which allows us to focus on what truly matters.

Prioritize (Pareto Principle)

P embodies the concept of Prioritize. We leverage the Pareto Principle to identify and focus on the critical few that will yield the most significant impact.

Excellence with Agility

E stands for Excellence with Agility. We are committed to delivering outstanding quality while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to change and embrace continuous improvement.

Commitment and Accountability

C means Commitment and Accountability. We uphold a culture where dedication is honored and taking ownership of our actions is essential to collective progress.

Thrive in Mutual Learning

T encourages us to Thrive in Mutual Learning. We foster an environment where continuous learning, curiosity, and knowledge sharing are integral to personal and professional growth.

Meet Our Pioneers

Our In-House Team Staff
Fernanda Krassuski
Marketing Strategist & Copywriter

Fernanda is the heartbeat of our marketing philosophy—obsessed with crafting marketing strategies that aren’t just effective but also transparent and deeply human. She spins words into gold, creating Go-To-Market Strategies that don't just speak to the market—they resonate with it.
Tiago Bahi
Developer & Growth Hacker

Tiago’s domain is the digital landscape, where he constructs robust, high-performing websites and automated marketing funnels. His dedication to building not only platforms but also communities is what sets him apart. He's the architect behind our human-centered approach to growth.
Our Global Partnerships
Our commitment doesn’t end with our in-house team. We’ve cultivated partnerships across the globe to ensure we can deliver on every promise, and then some. Our partners are an extension of our ethos, working with our proprietary tools and systems and adhering to our meticulously refined processes. Together, we guarantee top-tier quality and performance, ensuring we deliver only the best for our clients.

Showcasing Our Success.
A few client projects we recently developed.

From the foundational elements of branding to the complexities of digital presence, we’ve navigated it all. Our portfolio is a testament to our multifaceted expertise and adaptability. 

We’ve guided brands through transformative journeys, beginning with rebranding and culminating in comprehensive digital strategies that encompass everything from complete website redesigns to dynamic social media campaigns.

Our approach is holistic—integrating multichannel outbound outreach with meticulously planned paid campaigns, we create symphonies of marketing success that resonate across industries.
Guardian CPA Group: Tech-Focused Accounting Firm.
Website redesign, Copywriting, SEO, funnel, client communication, integrations, Ai-Powered chatbot, campaign-specific Landing Pages, Social Media Presence, PPC, Meta Ads, Data Tracking, Reporting & Analytics...
Aqua Lounge Spas: Local Hot Tubs & Landscape Design
Website redesign, Copywriting, SEO, Social Media Presence, Data Tracking, GTM Strategy...
Moonshots & Moneymakers: Innovation Business Conference
Website redesign, Copywriting, Funnel, CRM Integrations, Multichannel Outbound Outreach, LinkedIn Outreach, Data Tracking, Reporting & Analytics...
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